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Orthopaedic Department Khyber teaching Hospital Peshawar is committed to be the national centre of excellence for all type of orthopaedic musculoskeletal disorders patients clinical care, under and postgraduate teaching, training & research in the field of orthopaedic in Pakistan by 2025. Our mission is to provide the best available standard & cost-effective specialized clinical orthopaedic services to the patients of this region. We are committed to provide quality teaching training & research opportunities to both under & postgraduate students.
We are striving to provide accessible equitable & affordable specialised clinical services by utilizing the most advanced least invasive treatment options available in the orthopaedic field. In the field of patients care we strive to provide state-of-the-art, comprehensive, cost effective clinical care for all musculoskeletal disorders including but not restricted to general orthopaedic & Trauma services, primary Arthroplasty, simple & complex revision Arthroplasty, deformity correction, limb lengthening & limbs salvage services, sports including knee & shoulder arthroscopic procedures, spine including scoliosis & Trauma services, paediatric orthopaedic services, hand & upper limb services, acetabulum & pelvic trauma services, orthopaedic oncology, ankle & foot. In the field of teaching & Training, we are striving to provide the best available under & postgraduate teaching & training opportunities. We are offering post graduate fellowships services to produce general orthopaedic surgeons through CPSP & PGMI.
In collaboration with Pakistan orthopaedic association (POA) we are offering advanced fellowships training program in orthopaedic subspecialties like Ilizarov, sports, paediatric orthopaedic, spine, orthopaedic oncology & Arthroplasty.
We are conducting national & international level teaching & training, workshops, seminars, coaching classes, mock exams for orthopaedic postgraduate trainees & faculty. We also work in the field of orthopaedic research in limited resources.


We are providing the following services

  • 1) General Orthopedics Services
  • 2) Orthopedics Trauma Services
  • 1) Bone infection eradication services
  • 2) Deformity correction and bone regeneration/ limb lengthening(Ilizarov)
  • 3) Elective spine services
  • 4) Pediatric orthopedic services
  • 5) Joints replacement (Arthroplasty) services
  • 6) Sports injury services
  • 7) Hand and upper limb orthopedic services
  • 8) Limb salvage services
  • 9) Pelvic and acetabulum specialized trauma services

Orthopaedic quality care

Our sub-specialties.

Orthopedic department Khyber teaching hospital is accredited with Pakistan Orthopedic Association for the following advanced sub-specialties training and services

limb lengthening (Ilizarov)

Hand and upper limb

Pediatric orthopedic

Joints replacement (Arthroplasty)

Sports medicine


Khyber Teaching Hospital MTI

Orthopaedic Department Team

Chairman Orthopaedic Dept

Chairman Orthopaedic Dept

Dr. Muhammad Shoaib


Dr. Name
Assistant professor

Assistant professor

Dr. Awal Hakeem
Assistant professor

Assistant professor

Dr. Muhammad Siraj