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Brief Description

Department of Pulmonology started in the year 1998 with only one Assistant Professor and only one Medical officer. In 1998 a 8 bedded chamber was established at medical unit. At the moment our department is the largest Pulmonology unit in the province with 28 beds and 8 bedded high dependency unit. This all was achieved by the grace of Allah and the efforts of the founding fathers, despite great difficulties and challenges.

Pulmonology department Khyber teaching hospital is fully equipped with state of the art diagnostic and treatment facilities for both in and out patients with pulmonary diseases, and committed to provide the best possible respiratory and sleep disorders management services . For specialized care patients are admitted in pulmonology unit which is manned by specialist and trainees in pulmonary medicine, pulmonology department Khyber teaching hospital is recognized for post graduate training in FCPS and MCPS from college of physicians and surgeons Pakistan and trainees are availing both training of pulmonology and critical care of COVID patients requiring invasive and noninvasive ventilation almost trainees having completed their training. Pulmonology unit faculty having the achievement of first ever gold medalist in specialty of pulmonology from college of physicians and surgeons Pakistan.


Department of pulmonology caters to a wide range of pulmonary diseases such as asthma, copd, pulmonary tb, pneumonia bronchiectasis, bronchitis and other lung dieses including lung cancers and interstitial lung diseases. Pulmonology ward is linked to state of the art 8 beds critical care high dependency unit where critically ill patients with respiratory failure are managed with well-equipped facilities including noninvasive ventilators and high flow nasal cannula. Apart from patient specialized patient care trainees are structurally trained according to CPSP guidelines including academic ward rounds along with short and long cases, daily CPC, and journal clubs.


To advance the prevention and management of pulmonary diseases through the integration of innovative patient care, research and education


To create disseminate and apply current and new knowledge to minimize the burden of respiratory diseases


We are providing the following services


  • 1. Diagnostic and therapeutic pleural fluid aspiration
  • 2. Pleural biopsy
  • 3. Tube thoracotomy
  • 4. Bronchoscopy and Endobronchial biopsy
  • 5. Thoracoscopy and pleural biopsy
  • 6. Pleurodesis
  • 7. Sleep study
  • 8. Pulmonary function tests
  • 9. Cpap / bipap
  • 10. Smoking cessation
  • 11. Pulmonary rehabilitation
  • 12. Pleuroscopy and pleural diseases


  • 1. Patent care: provide exceptional patient care
  • 2. Education: develop and deliver education to patient, health care professionals and trainee, utilize cutting edge theory of knowledge development and application and provosion of revelent training to staff and trainees
  • 3. Research: conduct research that spans health care services and knowledge mobolization and to improve patient care , clinical practice and guide health policy



Our Sub Specialties / (Conditions We Treat)

( EBUS / Radial EBUS ,  Pleural Manometery, APC, Navigational bronchoscopy, Thermoplasty, Stenting, Electrocautry and Paeds Bronchoscopy  are under process of development with the vision of BOG and hospital administration and soon will be started )

Khyber Teaching Hospital MTI

Pulmonology Department Team



Dr. Saadia ashraf
Associate professor

Associate professor

Dr. Rukhsana farooqi
Associate professor

Associate professor

Dr. Hussain ahmad