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Quality Policy

The Management and Employee of MTI-Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar, are committed to provide accessible, affordable and quality healthcare services, educate competent, compassionate and caring health professionals & community through excellence in teaching, patient care and medical research, contribute to the development of human resources, and provide technical support to the health system of the province through competent and motivated staff, using state of the art technologies and in collaboration with all stakeholders within available resources. The Management is also committed to follow all applicable legal and other requirements.

  • In order to maintain the quality standard committed and continual improvement, the top management and team of MTI-KTH will
  • Improve facilities, technologies and the skills of staff with the ever changing medical discoveries
  • Monitor, review and improve the quality performance through formation of SMART objectives / key performance indicators, Internal Audit, active Monitoring, Interested Parties/Patient Feedback, Staff Training and appropriate action for all activities.
  • Provide a healthy, secure and caring work environment equipped with state of the art technologies to our patients / staff and other Interested Parties.
  • Encourage all staff to always abide by the all-applicable requirements in MTI-Khyber Teaching Hospital.

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Quality Policy